Chapter 1: The Wolf-like men

I woke up as my alarm clock screamed in my ears. I quietly stood up as I glanced at my clock, blinking 7:30 am. I quickly took a shower then got dressed. I wore my new pair of designers jeans with a gray sweatshirt, then I slipped into my black fuzzy boots and headed downstairs. As always I saw my aunt in her classy suit, and her hair always in a pony-tail drinking a cup of coffe.” Good morning Clara, I will be leaving now”, My aunt said grabbing her black leathered bag.” Yes Aunt Kristy”, I said as she gave me a quick kiss on the forehead then she left. The door closed behind her as I sat all alone. I lived in a modern house with my aunt. My parents had disappeared when I was 4 years old, so I was mostly alone. But now 12 years had passed, so I’m 16 in my second high school year. I stood up as I received a text from my best friend Jenna. We had been best friends since are parents died. She was funny and lively despite the fact that she had ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), she was intelligent and good with her school work. I read the text while leaving the house and locking the door, ” Meet me in front of the School gate” I read as I hurried quickly. The school was around the corner, so it took me normally 5 minutes including , buying a morning bun from Starbucks. When I arrived school I saw Jenna standing by the school gate, her medium short brown hair curled as always. She was wearing her black jacket with dark skinny jeans , and the same black fuzzy boots as me. When she saw me she smiled and ran towards me.” Hey Clara , ready for the new semester?”, she said tucking her IPod in her bag.” I guess, especially when 1st semester was fun”, I said as we walked to the schools football field. Every morning we had to seat in the football field where we held an announcement /assembly. Me and Jenna sat at the bottom row, while talking about new classes for second semester.” Ok good morning everyone “, Katy said who was in the student council club. She was standing in the middle of the football field holding a speaker since she always said the announcements. We were wondering why she stopped speaking because she dropped the speaker, then for a minute we thought she was fixing the speaker. But then she fell down while blood was gushing from her back, without hesitating everyone started running as we saw wolves standing on their hind legs. They seemed to be running faster , and jumping up like they where humans. In a second everyone was already running , some students where screaming. Teachers came out wondering what was going ,and told everyone to calm down. Then the principal Mr.Frolic, said everyone should stop but when he saw the wolves he ran inside followed by some teachers.” What’s going on are those wolves or freaking hybrids”, Jenna yelled as we ran through a path leading to the woods. We thought the wolves will get distracted by other students but for some reason they followed us. So me and Jenna started panicking and ran faster. We stopped by a big oak tree as the wolves stopped, then the wolves turned into … Humans! The three wolves where 3 guys who where wearing black capes and their eyes were red.” Oh my gosh I’m freaking out”, Jenna whispered as I covered her mouth. We were both trembling , we thought this was a dream but it turned out to be reality.” Find those two girls we have to bring them to the base”, a man with gray hair said , he seemed to be the leader . He had an eyepatch on his right eye and his nails where claws.” We have to know what’s going on”, I whispered as Jenna nodded. Then I brought out my pocket knife from my bag, I always kept a pocket knife secretly hidden in case of emergencies. Jenna brought out a flashlight which she claimed was a good weapon.” We get their attention and run”, Jenna said as I agreed. Then without thinking Jenna threw her flashlight and it hit one of the guys in the head and he got knocked out.” 2 more to go let’s run”, I yelled as we both started running, we got deeper in the woods. Then before we knew it we where faced by a gate of electric barb wire.” Come with us or you will suffer the consequences”, the gray haired man said as Jenna held my arm.” Were not going anywhere”, I heard myself say. Then the other man who was at his side charged at Jenna and she got knocked out, as her forehead was bleeding and I screamed.” Take care of the girl I think they are here”, the gray man said disappearing in wolf form. The man who attacked Jenna charged at me as I kicked him as the side of his face, for some reason I could see wherever he was attacking. Then everything around me went slow, without fear I held the knife and stabbed the wolf-like man and he seemed to disappear . For some reason I felt dizzy and then my mind blacked out as I fell to the ground.

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